"(Agility Consulting) was able to provide a succinct and an easily digestible view of our pain points through her assessment. These were things like capacity and prioritization that we knew plagued our organization and were previously unable to articulate."

Elizabeth Shirkey Executive Director

"Emily’s dedication as a SAFe practitioner is unparalleled. She has the ability to take SAFe concepts and communicate them in a way that those who have never had SAFe or even Agile training can understand. As a consultant, Emily does not impose a one-size-fits-all solution with her clients.

Before providing a solution, she takes a very systematic approach in interviewing the key organizational stakeholders in order to understand both an organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement before presenting a solution that is tailored for that client. And once that solution is agreed upon, Emily dedicates herself to providing the instruction, tools and support so that the organization will become self-sufficient in SAFe practices over time.

Finally, Emily is an outstanding communicator with all levels of the organization. While presenting the same message throughout the organization, Emily has that unique ability to understand her audience and tailor the information presented accordingly. If you are interested in applying SAFe to your organization, Emily would be a great addition to guide you on your journey."

Jim Woodruff VP, Manager IT Project Management

"The time spent with each team was invaluable. I couldn’t imagine the amount of time and meetings it would have taken to complete what we did in one and half days."

Joe Seaman CIO